Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ExperienceZone?

    ExperienceZone is a global project. A platform for change. Designed as a game. A parlor play. You define your goals. ExperienceZone is a digitalization of reality. It provides practical advises to improve your life and thus the world. Give and take. You learn from others and they learn from you.

  2. For whom is ExperienceZone?

    ExperienceZone is for all people who want to change their lives and the world. Regardless of gender, age or religion.

  3. How do I use ExperienceZone?

    You play your life’s journey. Therefore you first want to define where you want to be. Your target profile. Next you plan your trip across continents and countries. They will help you to accomplish your goals. You will gain know-what and know-how on your expedition. Latter you complete quests, share your experiences with us and other travel mates. This allows ExperienceZone to help all humans even more effectively. For more hands-on guidance, just do the virtual tour!

  4. What are the benefits of ExperienceZone?

    ExperienceZoneis the blueprint of transformation. It helps you to design your life in an ambitioned, contented and balanced way. Only you define what this means. We give you an application handbook. ExperienceZone will keep on growing. Continuously countries are expanding and emerging. They contain recommendations which you want to put into practice. In addition, new members are joining us on a daily basis. The vital exchange between those enables you to further learn from their experiences. Finally we have partners. They present their products and services in the travel brochures. Those can make your trips more convenient and successful.

  5. How do ambition, contentment and balance interrelate?

    The three building blocks of ExperienceZone are ambition, contentment and balance. They build up on each other and are the result of your transformation. Ambition is the beginning of the continuum. You define goals and achieve them. Its product is called success. Then contentment kicks in. You find it in persuing and accomplishing goals. Plus contentment is the natural counterweight of ambition. The realization of your mission. It brings meaning, value and joy into your life. Balance represents your optimum between ambition and contentment. Brain, heart and gut. Mind, body and soul. All areas of life.

  6. Why do not all people use ExperienceZone?

    Everyone has a life and even world changing power. This is at least subconsciously clear to many human beings. Yet they are of somewhat sacrificing the opportunity to have an impact on the altar of convinience. Hence these people lack the motivation to bridge the knowing-doing-gap. You are already past this point. If you are buying into ExperienceZone, you can tell your friends. The more travel mates, the greater our common treasure of experience. Finally, keep in mind that many lack internet and thus ExperienceZone access.

  7. How can I change myself?

    Change is usually derived from negative experiences initally. The psychological strain builds up slowly, i.e. based on a sequence of negatively perceived situations. Sometimes there is a moment of truth which leads to a transformation. Once people recognize how easily and quickly they can improve their lives, they start to set goals. Then they begin to persue them relentlessly. So it is up to you: Away-from suffering or to-wards goals. We recommend the latter. As soon as you have defined objectives, it is just a matter of willpower, persistence and time until you accomplish them. And thus you will transform your life step by step.

  8. How can I change the world?

    This is easier as you might think. First you are a significant part of this world. This means: Once soon as you transform yourself, you automatically change everything around you. Everything you do or not do has an impact on the larger scheme of things. It is greater than most people assume and grows as you evolve your minds. Your gut, heart and brain. Finally, ExperienceZone is about supporting others and our planet. By applying the knowledge gained during traveling our digital world, you positively influence humanity and the earth.

  9. Which continents and countries do I travel first?

    ExperienceZone is an open world. You can start your journey everywhere and choose your route freely. It is mainly dependent on your preferences. What is now urgent and important for you? Maybe you have a specific plan or face current challenges. Many people start on the continent Self-Development. After they defined their mission and aims in life, they naturally develop desires to visit certain continents and countries. Sometimes it is helpful to begi with the first country on a continent. Just get an overview. If a country name makes you curious, you want to skim over its packing list. Still interested? Then dive into it!

  10. Why does ExperienceZone have a time limitation?

    Knowledge without application is useless. Hence we want you to spend as little time as possible on our website. Your actual life happens in the real world. We need you there. Act consciously and thus effectively in the digital world. The time limitation helps you to focus on the most important things. This will make you virtually successful, contented and balanced.

  11. How can I interact with my travel mates?

    You are a social being. ExperienceZone unfolds its real value if we evolve collectively. The comments section represents a broad communication platform between all visitors. Here you can find like-minded people and make friends. This enables you to learn from each other and support one another in achieving your aims in life. Also, you can send each other postcards individually.

  12. How can I contact you guys?

    You can get in touch with the ExperienceZone Team via the contact form on the footer of the website. Also, we are always happy about any feedback.

  13. How can I become a partner?

    You want to cooperate with us? Please fill out the partner form in the footer of the website. Watch out for the dedicated partner access to be launched soon. We are looking forward to your message.