Your inner world determines the outside world.
This applies to wealth too. As soon as you feel rich, you will actually be it. Only you can attract or repel money. Wherewith? With you thoughts and feelings. Your attitudes and derived expectations are essential.

Wealth consciousness is the monetary specification of positive abundance expectations.
If you want more, you need to first internalize complete self-determination in your life. Hence, travel the above-mentioned countries to get to know the foundational tools of the trade. Then you come back and learn how to develop wealth consciousness.

Energy exists in the inside and outside world alike. Both communicate with each other energetically. As soon as you understand and practice the universal laws, you will be able to design your life. You become creator and creation at the same time. This is what ExperienceZone is all about. Hike the respective county to learn about the universal laws. Here we will focus on their application to get rich.

Everything is connected. You with others. In addition, their stories. Read biographies of successful individuals. Besides: Reading makes you a better communicator. This increases you chances to become successful and thus wealthy in all areas in life. Watch inspiring movies about up-and-coming people. Surround yourself with those you can learn from.

Time Unity
What is up with you money software? No, I do not mean your tax saving tool. Rather your attitudes towards money. You need to get comfortable with being wealthy in order to attract money into your life. You have to see yourself as a part of the high society. Even more: You have to consider yourself a millionaire or billionaire already today.

Our lives are movies. You produce yours anew every day. You have to take a deliberate decision to start writing a positive and inspiring script now. A success story. A romance with successful conclusion. Take control as the director. Play your role with passion as the actor.

Forget about talent as deterministic contract. You can do everything. If it makes fun, you become really good in it. Motivation is the key to mastery. Life energy and motivation are inseparable. Only if you are motivated, energy flows. Only if energy flows, you are capable of professional peak performances – in the area of creativity, resilience, and endurance.

Negativity prevents wealth. Tackle and negative thoughts and feelings around money at their roots. It applies to doubts. This is the prerequisite for – and by the same token result of – a clear positive programming. Drop jealously and envy from your feelingporfolio.

Get up. Use the power of motion. You cannot only think about being wealthy. Too much thinking is destructive and keeps you poor. Instead, listen to your heart when it comes to business ideas. It is aligned with your passions. It also helps you to visualize wealth. Its congenial partner is called action. Action is more powerful than thinking. Thinking leads to hesitating and thus waiting. If you wait, dust sets down on your dream. Soon you will forget it.

Everything you think, feel, say, and do influences the outside world. Everything. Instantly if your life is in flow – delayed if it is slugged. Hence, you want to watch your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. Practice mediation to take control your thoughts. Leverage heart work to get in charge of your feelings. Say goodbye to all negativity.

Space Filling
Learn to let go. Do you want to change things? Super! This means that the stuff you own has not led you where you want to be. Then you can give it away without any regret, correct? Get rid of things you do not need now and which might be more useful to others. No fear anxiety: The more you give, the more you will receive. Usually better things.

Giving and receiving. If you want something, you have to give first. A proof to the universe that you are worthy to receive. All material things – including money – are manifested energy. Strive to become an energytransitor. How? Understand that energy is focused consciousness. Travel the country focus. Pay attention to people or things, which bring wealth into your life.

Your attitudes determine your thoughts and thus feelings. Latter form the reality and finally your perceptions. The truth. The circle closes with perceived experiences affecting your attitudes in form of memories. Leverage this equation by applying tools to change your , take control of your thoughts and feelings, as well as manage your perceptions and memories.

Now you know how to use the universal laws in order to get rich. Admittedly, on an abstract level first. Let us make them tangible by looking at some application examples. Latter are powerful combinations, which will inspire you to define and implement your own measures:
Reading instead of watching TV
Reading widens your horizon. Biographies of successful people are particularly inspiring. Learn from winners. Apply your findings to make your mission your profession. Take a break after each chapter. Imagine that you experience the respective success story. Alternatively, make up your own tale – inspired by today and continued towards the life of your dreams.

Speaking and listening
Speaking improves your social skills. Those are a key to the door of wealth. Talk primarily to persons who inspire and empower you. Visit founder days. Fairs and conferences. Presentations of successful individuals. Spice up your life. This creates topics to talk about. Speak about positive things. Business plans. Will full probability conviction. Entrepreneurial exaggeration is allowed. It programs you for success. By believing your objectives have been accomplished already. Hence, let other people know!
Giving, giving and again giving
Donate ten percent of your income. Donations keep energy flowing and create space. This shows the universe that you understand the universal laws and are worthy to receive. Since it strives for balance, it will refill your assets soon. Usually with better things than the ones, you have given away.
I have at least one hundred ideas. Yet enough theory and recommendations. Switch into active gears. First, carve out one hour of your busy day. Open the Wealth Template. Its structure is simple. The ten universal laws as categories with guiding questions. Your answers are being reflected in the current state first. Then you define the target state. Finally, you commit to actions. This requires creative thinking. Inclusive instead of in silos. Think beyond table borders: Which laws can you apply in a synergetic way in order to manifest most wealth in your life? For example, you can first brainstorm and write down everything which comes into your mind. Afterwards you merge, drop, and shape. Now look at your results: At least one action by law with due date or frequency? Very good. Make them omnipresent. Print them out. Place them in your living space. In your purse. Come back at least on an annual basis and revise the content.


Limiting beliefs
“Rich people have earned their money in dishonest ways.” “Nobody in my family has been wealthy. We all needed to work hard to make a living.” “The resources on this planet are limited. Not all of us can be wealthy.” Busted? Did one of these or a similar thought ever cross your mind? You are in good company.

Phrasing Mistakes
Many people speak about dreams and desires. As if wealth exists in a distant land, which they will probably never, have the opportunity to travel. Hence, they will continue to exist only in their minds. You need to speak about plans and goals. Others want, should, or have to do things. Change the modal operators: You have the pleasure to master challenges and learn from experiences.

Creativity Crisis
You have a mental block when looking at the Wealth Template. Even given my guiding questions, just cannot think about any specific actions? Here some recommendations: Visit the some countries mentioned in this one. Come back afterwards. Still idea congestion? Then travel other countries on the continent Career & Financials. In case you are still lacking measures, apply at least my application examples. Just come back after a year has passed. I am sure flashes of inspiration will illuminate you.

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