Society is almost an abstract term.
If you ask five individuals, you will get ten different answers. Sociologically, it is about a group of people living in the same area. Governmentally, it is about the citizens, which face the government. I mean latter. You as a citizen. If you like it or not: You are a part of a nation - with rights and duties. Let us skip the details. They are just too much tied to the governmental form and the specific country you are living in.
The society is one of the largest communities after humanity.
You have many things in common with your fellow citizen: You live in a similar climate zone, speak the same language, use the public goods, have the same government etc. These commonalities represent opportunities to exert influence. It may be ecology (key word: Climate-Zone), infrastructural changes (key word: Public goods) or political impact (key word: Government). Just to name a few of them.
You have to use these opportunities.
Why? Well, your chances to convince others are high if you have something in common. By the way, feel free to travel the country influence in case you want to dig deeper. If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitudes. Latter will not be necessary once you know how to behave in a society to change it. This can transform your own life in many respects – career, finance, social network, and yourself. Just try it!


First the society analysis.
In which kind of society do you live? In which kind of society do you want to live? What do you want to change and how? Sounds difficult? I can assure you: Changing the society is as easy as changing yourself. It is just another level. Hence, slightly different rules do apply. The process is always the same.
Print the Society List and take half an hour. Start to capture your knowledge, experiences, and perceptions about your society for all categories. That is the current state.
In the next step, you want to identify things, which you find good or bad. You just assign + (positive), o (neutral) or - (negative) to the bullets. Subsequently, you describe your vision of a desired society next to it. Do not think, “That I do not write down since it is unrealistic”. Just document everything, which makes a perfect society, i.e. the interaction framework of all citizens in your opinion. However, please think about implications before you write. If you want to save all beef cattle, you need to become a vegetarian. Do not get me wrong: This is desirable (see land Vegetarianism).
Thirdly, you just summarize the target state to a two to three sentence dream society statement in the Dream Vision & Society Role Template.
The next step is… you got it: How do you make the transformation to your dream society reality?
First and foremost through personal change. In our example, you want to accept the fact to avoid eating any meat going forward. Next, think about how you can influence your fellow citizens to do this as well. This requires an action plan. You build it by asking yourself the following question: Which institutions in our society are responsible for the precarious situation and which institutions can help to get is straight? The former and the latter can have an intersection. As soon as you have identified those, you can take action.
Finally, summarize your society role based on the action plan in the Dream Vision & Society Role Template. Also, leverage your Humanity Role, your mission and aims in life. Ensure cross-consistency. They need to complement rather than contradict each other.
Similar to your mission, aims in life, and your humanity role, you want to print out the Dream Vision & Society Role Template and pin it at prominent places in your living area. I recommend you to put one below the other, i.e. from mission to aims in life to humanity role to society role.
Finally yet importantly, stay on the ball here as well.
Complete your actions relentlessly and fill your society role diligently. In order to avoid tourist traps, review it frequently. Similar to the country humanity, a brief meditation might be helpful.

Unstable Goals
What do I care about the nonsense that I told yesterday? Ideals and goals can change throughout life. You can preach vegetarianism today and become a master butcher tomorrow.

Integrity Loss
There is a devil sitting on my shoulder. You are a human being and by this very fact vulnerable to seductions of all kinds. Others know that and can try to make you trade your principles against money. Keep the faith, hold the line, and be strong.

On your own Account
If you want something to be completed, you need to do it yourself. This is sad but often true. Usually you cannot rely on others. Hence, many people act on this principle and have difficulties to delegate stuff. They do not trust anyone else to manage a task and thus cannot let go. Just bear one thing in mind: You are no island. In this world, you will never be successful running solo.

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