We are all social beings rather islands.
You can only become successful, contented, and balanced by interacting with others. Stop! Of course, you can become illuminated by years of meditation in remote caves of the Himalayans. Totally agree. However, do you want to turn your back from all joy, which comes with human relations only to take the karmic shortcut in the cheat book of life? It would not only be boring but also ignorant toward the development needs of fellow human beings. Stay amongst them. Be there for them. Give a hand. Support them. Ask for help. Accept assistance. 

Yet always bear in mind that you come first.
At all times and in all cases, your personal goals are superior. Only then, you can achieve everything. In addition, walk ahead as a true role model. Watch out: Rather than stepping down to the level of others, you want to lift them up to yours. If they are reluctant, get rid of them. Believe me: This is the best way for both sides. Clarity about your social network is the first step. It allows you to systemically check the relationships to other people based on your social current state analysis. This enables you to find out which people are good for you and which not.

You need clarity in the first step.
How do you get it? Through contemplation. Grab a pen and paper and sit down for 30 minutes at a quiet place. To all my digital natives: Of course, you can use your electronic devices. Whatever generation you belong to: You want to now create a Relationship List of all persons, you interact with regularly. 
Therefore, you now got a list of approximately fifty individuals.
In general, you want to have deep relationships to a few instead of shallow ones to many people. Hence, you need be selective. Just to prioritize the relationships on a scale from 1 to 10. A 1 means no interest in a relationship. A 10 represents a very strong interest in a relationship. Afterwards you park everyone who scored lower than 6.
Your relationship list helps you to document the tendencies (i.e. behavior styles) and aims in life of each person on it.
Take a quiet hour for this one as well. Invest a few minutes on each person to capture the style and plans.
Look at your Calendar and think about which communication channel to use for which in individual.
On the one hand, this depends on your current channels and cadence as well as your affordability. Keep in mind that face-to-face interactions usually take most and written interactions least time. Yet latter are most ineffective to build and foster relationships. Communication is the fundament and glue of good relationships. The better the relationship, the bigger the trust, which is the key to all points of interest in this country. Trust is based on four factors. Here is the relationship rule:
Trust = (Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy) / Self Interest
Now you are good to go!
Meet these people. Really, get to know them. Observe their behavioral styles. Explore their aims in life. Think about how you can help them to accomplish their goals. In addition, if they do not have some: Show them how they can define them.


Lone Ranger
Many people think that it is best to go through life alone. They do not take care of others and make concessions. This is a very convenient worldview. Yet none which leads to success. It will be almost impossible for your to find true fulfillment if you reduce human interactions to a bare minimum.
Social Inflation
“Why should I reduce my social network to twenty folks? I am a networker and know many people. I do not like to be restricted!” I like that you have identified the value of human relationships and have developed skills to build and foster many of them. Yet it will be challenging for you to find your balance between all areas in life if you need to invest too much time in relationships.
Self Interest
Maintaining the column Receiving: Your Goals in the relationship list might make you focus too much, on how others can help you to accomplish your objectives. Please do not forget to give first, i.e. help others to reach their goals, and then trust that they will support you as well.

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