There are two different life views: Dependence and self-determination.
The first group of people (sadly too many) see themselves as balls swimming in the ocean of life. Dependent on the season, weather conditions and tide, they are being swung back and forth. Sometimes it goes uphill and sometimes downhill. They do not feel capable of taking influence on their lives. Hence, success and happiness appear only temporarily and randomly.

I call these people victims.
They like to complain about the lows and blame it on other people, coincidence, or even a higher force. The other group reaches the next level of insight and actively strives for success. Although they often not carry the can for their past and present, they usually try to actively design their future. They have learned that they can at least co-create happiness. They do not understand and apply the universal laws yet. Then there are those (sadly too few) who live their lives completely self-determined. They take full responsibility for the past, present and future. They know that they have created or at least attracted everything in their lives. Success and failure: They exclusively hold themselves accountable – not the outside world. They understand and apply the universal laws in order to design their dream lives. They are exceptionally successful in everything they are doing. They are grounded, contented, and balanced. If any misfortunes appear, they stay relaxed, learn, and do it better next time.

I call these people creators.
In a positive sense. Creator comes from creation. Humans who create their lives by leveraging the thought-word-action continuum. Those who design their roles and thus use effectively use their time on planet earth. Someone like you will be.


Resolution Development
First, take a deliberate decision for a self-determined life. This is based on the assumption that you want to be successful and contented. Whatever this means to you. Feel free to define it in the countries mission and aims in life. Then gain clarity about the relationship between self-determination, success, and contentment.
In addition, learn from other people. Let us take a closer look at the terms creator (as personified self-determination) and success: Creator comes from creating. Hence activity. Success comes from succeeding. Hence executing a plan. The plan is your approach to achieve your goals. They are in your head (thoughts) at start. Then you write them down and speak them aloud (words). Succeeded by the execution (action). Contemplate about these relationships. Best case you meditate. They are so foundational that you need to internalize them. Integrate these insights into your Self-Determination Mantra!
Do you know truly successful and contented people? Those who accomplish their goals no matter how audacious they are? Individuals who are always relaxed and happy? Ask them if they design their lives or make the circumstances responsible for their results and moods. Also, read autobiographies of successful human beings. Role models who have changed the world and inspired others. You will soon recognize that they had a plan, aligned their attitudes to it, and actively drove actions to make their plan come true.
Status Quo Clarification
By now, you are deeply convinced that only a self-determined life leads to success and thus contentment. In the next step, get your past and present life in order. Why? You have not completely lived in a self-determined way until now. Therefore, at least your sub-consciousness will blame the outside world for who you were and are today. Self-determined coming to terms with the past is represented by accountability.
First, embrace the fact that you have caused or at least attracted everything, which happened in your life thus far. This might be a huge mental leap for you. Hence, feel free to start in the more pleasant corner: Your successes. Just write down all accomplished goals. Of course, you learned to walk, speak, and ride a bike yourself. People like to claim credits for successes. However, what about apparent failures? The blister as a small child, sitting on the shelf as a sixth grader and the lost first love. Unbelievably: You have caused it all.
Assuming you are responsible for your past, you have consequently caused your current life too. Everything you are or have is a product of former thoughts, feelings, and actions. Everything you will be or have is a product of your current thoughts, feelings, and actions. A sobering and promising truth alike: In the past, you have not taken full ownership. The result is the current state. In the future, you will create your life. Therefore, everything will be possible. This is so profound that you want to capture it. Best case completely in your Self-Determination Mantra.
Self-determined Actions
Accepting full control is a prerequisite. Yet not sufficient. How do you act in a self-determined way going forward? First understand that success and thus any outcome is always a combination of an event and your reaction. Event + Reaction = Outcome. This means: First, you need to actively co-create all events. Do this on the thought level through programming and on behavior level through actionist. If you do not like something, change it now. You will learn how on your trip to the country egoism. In the second step, you adjust your attitudes.
Finally hang in there again.
Combine the above-mentioned methods. Therefore, study them during extensive trips across this continent and apply them religiously. The more often you do this, the more successful and contented you become. Enjoy the miracle! Maintain a success list. You will learn how to do this in the country wealth consciousness. The list will also help you to practice gratefulness as well as improve your self-confidence.


Victim Role
Most people play smaller or greater victim roles considering the events in their lives. To me, there are two main reasons: Either they do not know the universal laws and their effectiveness. This excuse does not apply to you anymore. Alternatively, it is convenient for them to not take ownership. It allows them to complain without the need to switch into active gear in order to change their lives.

Encyclopedic Knowledge
ExperienceZone is full of information. The one-stop-shop for all changes in your life. Yet I only provide you as much factual knowledge as necessary. The focus is on actionable tips and tricks. Help for self-help. I could try to explain in hundred ways how honey tastes. However, you will only truly know it once you try it.

Causality Trap
Ok. Good. You are acting in a self-determined manner. Success did not come into your life yet. A day, a week, and a month pass by. You are still not a millionaire. Still have not found your soul mate. Still suffer from asthma. Stay calm. Have trust. You are on the right track.

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