Running is an activity, which enables you to improve your fitness.
Since running primarily increases your endurance, you will become better – physically and mentally. In addition, it strengthens your cardiovascular system and your bone density. In case you are overweight, running will contribute to a negative energy balance, which helps you to lose weight. Real heavyweights should not run as it can damage their joints and tendons. This significantly increases the risk of injuries. 

Particularly fitting running shoes and gear are essential.
In combination with a healthy life style, it will be easy for you to get your mind and body in shape quickly. Scientists have proven that your body produces pain relieving substances which decrease pain, improve your well-being, self-esteem and cenesthesia. Even body’s own opioids – cause of the famous runners high!

This sport is so beautiful, since you can take it with you.
Just pack your duffle bag and off you go! Attention! Danger of addiction: Once you started, you can barely stop. Enough said. Here is the process to become a better runner.
I will give you some recommendations in usual ExperienceZone manner upfront. Afterwards it is your turn!
Equipment: What do you need? In addition, what do you want to consider?
Shoes: First, you require fitting running shoes. The fit is important since everyone has an individual running style. Ideally, you seek consultancy in a sports shop based on a video analysis. Wrong shoes will hurt you. Note: Your health cannot be measured with money. Choose running shoes with care and do not try to save
money on them.
Clothes: If you are already in a sports shop, use the chance and ask for running gear guidance. I prefer active wear in summer and wintertime. Of course, the hot season longs for shorts. Choose them carefully. Do not make yourself sore between the legs. This can get quite unconformable. In winter, I apply the onion principle and wear several layers. Yet please ensure that your do not feel too warm. This can lead to a collapse in worst case.
Electronic Devices: If you have some money left, buy a pulse watch. It enables you to steer and track your workout systemically. In addition, there are many apps and gadgets to increase your motivation. Just check them out and purchase those things, which make most sense to you.
Preparation: What do you need to consider before going for a run?
Food & Drinks: If you are jogging in the early morning, drink something upfront. Your body has dehydrated overnight. Generally, you should drink after 30 minutes afterwards too. I usually eat nothing immediately before going on a run. Feel free to consume some proteins & carbohydrates for dinner if you plan to jog on the next morning.
Warm-up: In order to prevent injuries in the cold seasons, an effective warm-up program is essential. Start with simple stretching exercises and by walking gently. Especially in the morning, your muscles are inflexible and your joint fluid thick. Hence, increase your walking speed the first hundred meters. Then start to run slowly. Actually, I practice and preach this at every time of the day.
Run: Now you are running. What is important here?
Track: Choose a course with diverse ground (e.g. street, forest, street). Jogs on the beach are beautiful as well. Yet the sand can get challenging to run on. Soft ground is generally better for your knees. If running is too exhausting for you initially, you can switch between walking and slowly jogging each minute. Just increase the running ratio until you are only running. Take your time and listen to your body. It will tell you once ready. Similar to warming up, slowly decrease your speed on the last hundred meters. Then keep a fast walking pace until your pulse is back to normal.
Frequency: I recommend you to run at least twice a week. Especially if it is your only endurance sports. This rhythm will firstly ensure that you increase your fitness in a healthy way. Secondly, scheduled weekdays and times of day will support you to make jogging a habit. After running for three months, consider variations. The spice of each physical activity!
Variations: As soon as you become a regular runner, make your workout more diversified. Why? Well, your muscles, joints, tendons, and cardiovascular system will adjust to monotonous strains within some weeks. Just trying to run faster can lead to overexertion. Be smart. Enrich your run with intervals and sprints or even make them dedicated workouts. In addition you can add elements of strength training (e.g. push-ups) or martial arts (e.g. shadow boxing). Finally yet importantly, you can vary running types, like sidesteps, cross-steps or retro running. As you might recognize: Running can be a very divers sport – not only the landscape.
Before I run out of breath writing, switch into active gear now. First mentally and then physically.
First, document your current running program. Do this along the phases and components above. The Running Template has been most effective for many people. Example: Currently I run irregularly once per week. Do not be ashamed if you do not run yet. Just write it down.
Secondly, define your target state. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to lose weight, find a balance, increase your potential, or even run a marathon? Where do you want to be in the areas above end state? Example: I run to rebalance mind and body. Therefore, I need to run more often. At least twice a week.
After you have gained clarity about your current and target state, formulate improvement actions. Do you need new running shoes? Do you want to switch them more frequently?
Is your running gear appropriate for different seasons and weather conditions? Do you want to run more regularly? Add more options around courses and running styles? Example: I want to buy an electronic device, to better track my training plan. In addition, I need additional gear for cold days. Finally, I want to focus more on warming up.
Check and update the Running Template on an annual basis going forward.
Written documentation is great but by no means sufficient. Complete your improvement actions. Purchase any missing equipment. Then there are no excuses anymore. Get up and run! Come back once a year. Update your goals and measures.


Hot Air
Many people talk about changing their lives but never do. Their weaker self is just too strong. It has many names: Aimlessness, missing backbone or discipline. Exercising and especially running, as a popular sport is a prominent example. Do not judge people by their words but by their actions. In particular yourself. You go first now. Start slowly. Increase your walking and later running pace plus duration. Feel the magic of this wonderful sport!
Cold Running
Some of them finally bridge the knowing-doing-gap and start to run. This is great. Yet often they are often impatient and skip the warm-up. They just start to run and are surprised about muscle soreness, tension, sprains, and even serious injuries. Be smarter. Transcend your warm-up into an awareness exercise. Think about which moves warm you up most effectively. This only takes up to two minutes. Then start to go slow, walk fast, and run steadily. Make make this procedure (plus slowing down after the run) a habit. Apropos cold: In wintertime, you must not breathe through your mouth as this may lead to a cold. Just inhale and exhale through your nose. More information about breathing during your travel through the respective country.
Motivation is good. Yet you always want to stay within your physical limits. Overtraining will not only lower your drive but also damage your health. Hence, increase the intensity of your workout slowly. Run in a pace, which allows you to talk. As soon as you get bored, you can carefully integrate some variations.

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