It is scientifically proven: Music has an impact on your mind and body. 
Which one it is depends on the type of music. This country is a colony of the motherland Music. I recommend you to visit all to experience the broad spectrum of music. What is special around relaxation music? Below 72 beats per minute (bpm), music calms you down. Above this level, music pumps you up. Various music psychological studies provide research around the impact of music on you cognitive skills. It is known that the brain’s development process – alias neurogenesis – is supported by melodies.

Decent sounds just stimulate intelligence and expressiveness. 

Hence, the right tunes can make you smarter and more creative. I call this creativity music. Apropos: The studies were based on a song from classic pieces – not Heavy Metal, Hip Hop or Techno tracks. Relaxation music is a slow style, which is similar to classical music. So what are you waiting for? Let us explore the land of auditive deceleration.

First some basic information and guidance. Afterwards you will get active.
Choice: Which type of music is best for relaxing and inspiration?
Type of Music: Research has shown that music without voices is paramount to achieve the goals above. Pure instrumental sounds. We differentiate between traditional and modern pieces. The traditional ones represent the melodies of old European masters as well as instrumental folk music from other continents.
Sourcing: Just listen to some sounds of the above-mentioned types of music. You can even do this free in a shop or in the internet. As soon as you have found the style you like most, buy it and get it on your favorite device.
Usage: How do you achieve relaxation and inspiration with support of music?
Recreation: Play the music quietly in the background. Ideally, lay down to relax your body. Lighten a perfumed candle or incent stick. Dim the lights. The room should be well tempered. Drink warm tea. I sometimes lie with eyes shut on the sofa and listen to relaxing melodies. Darkness enables you to focus on the sound and prevent visual distractions. Take at least fifteen minutes.
Creation: Calm music can support creational processes as well. Whether whilst writing or drawing & painting – soft tunes will inspire you. There are subtle differences to pure relaxation music: Firstly, choose slightly faster and varying melodies. Yet keep listening to them quietly. A higher tempo and more variations will help you to stay awake. Furthermore, your brain will receive auditive inspiration waves.
Now it is your turn!
First, document your current situation. Do you listen to music in order to help you relaxing or getting inspired? If yes, which type of music? How do you listen to the music and how do you prepare yourself and your environment? Which impact do you observe during and after these events? The Relaxation Music Template will support you to write it all down. Example: When I want to relax deeply, I listen to repetitive Buddhist mantras or Sufi music. In addition, I love the smell of incent sticks. Finally, I like to listen to movie themes whilst writing.
In the second step, define your target state by considering my recommendations above. Which music will you listen to in order to relax and be creative in the most effective way? How will your preparation, inner and outer world look like? What is the impact on the goals you have set? Example: I will go into every weekend deeply relaxed. Hence, I integrate a power nap every time I listen to relaxation music. In addition, I listen primarily to my favorite movie themes when writing. I drink green tea until lunch and in the afternoon mint tea.
Finally, identify actions, which will make you accomplish your goals. Add completion dates. Example: I want to expand my movie theme collection. To this end, I will create a list of my favorite sounds and buy them until end of the year. In addition, I want to purchase five different types of organic tea, which are tasteful and support me in accomplishing my goals alike.
Hang in there!
Complete all actions. Check and update your Relaxation Music Template on an annual basis. Music can support you in creation and recreation alike. Find your own way.


Electronic Scrap
Be careful with music, which has been produced synthetically. It has a specific resonation patterns and is under suspicion of causing fatigue and lethargy. Maybe helpful to fall asleep quickly but definitely not useful as a source of inspiration. Music, which has been produces with real instruments, like piano, violin, bass, clarinet, and saxophone, is uncritical.
Deep relaxation can easily turn into sleep. In general, sleep is one of the most natural and effective ways of recovery. Nonetheless, you should be careful: If it is not yet late evening or you are having appointments later the day, you should avoid it. A good compromise is a power nap or an after-lunch sleep.
Inspirational Gaps
Despite variation musical support, you will still have moments of uncreatively during writing or drawing & painting. These are the times you desperately need a bright idea to continue. Do not give up the hope. Try to lose yourself in the music for some moments. If this does not help, get up and make tea, have an inspiring conversation or go outside to breathe some fresh air.

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