Planet earth emerged for more than 4 billion years from a dust-sized particle.
It is the only known planet with a biosphere and life forms. Through many lucky circumstances, the earth offers biological living conditions. Mother Nature has created an indescribable variety of animals and plants within millions of years. We as human beings belong to the family of mammals. We have developed extraordinary skills, which led to unbelievable civilizing accomplishments. We control electricity, communicate over thousands of miles, and fly to the moon. Sadly, we literally walked over dead bodies. We have caused systemic deforestation, polluted the oceans, exterminated complete animal groups, and contaminated the atmosphere.

It is high time to turn our attention back to our home planet.
You cannot survive without the earth. However, it does not need you at all. Mother Nature provides you everything you need. Travel this country in humble certainty that you can give something in return now.

The first step shapes your understanding and sense of responsibility.
To this end, document in the Mother Earth Template what this planet provides you. Take fifteen minutes for this exercise. I feel sad for you if nothing comes in your mind. Here is some assistance: Look down at you. What do you see? Clothes. They come from the earth. More precisely animals and plants. What about your body? If has been nurtured by plants and maybe animals as well. Again made by Mother Nature. What about your living area? The walls, furniture, and devices? This planet has equipped you with everything selflessly. Write down all things that are coming to your mind.

Next, contemplate about what humankind does to its home planet for many centuries. Here some food for thought: Latest with the discovery of America and the invention of railways, we have started to cut down entire forests. Because we need, either the wood or the trees were just standing in our way. We have dogged mines and pits to extract raw materials from the planet’s womb.
Write down everything, which flows into your mind in the Mother Earth Template. No, matter which area or detail level. You want to completely empty your brain in these second fifteen minutes. Afterwards take a break. You are going to continue tonight.

Now sit down shortly before going to bed and read both lists. First earth’s list of gifts and then the list of human destruction. Close your eyes. What do you feel? Most people start to feel gratitude for all the presents earth provides us with. It is fine if you do not feel this intensively.

In the second step, initiate specific healing actions based on the gift and destruction lists.
On the one hand, the general healing schedule incorporates activities you want to run in order to cure the planet. For instance, you can plant trees or buy rain forest square meters to save them. You can switch to green electricity or buy an electro car. You can support the protection of endangered species, join ecology groups, or just donate money to them. In addition, there are renouncement behaviors you want to engage in.
Finally, you hang in there.
You want to relentlessly action your plan. Feel free to regularly review this one as well.



Selfishness is an obstacle on the road to success. You work with ExperienceZone and improve your life? This is awesome. Yet keep one thing in mind: You are no island. You are part of a social network called humanity. It belongs to the family of creatures. Those are tied to the earth’s destiny. The earth is your actual mother. Its language is called nature. If humans respect the earth, it is in their favor.

“What can I really contribute? If my small nation gets rid of coal, fired power plants or a sack of rice fell over in China: The most populous countries have the cause the greatest contamination. Hence my contribution is insignificant.” Sure! It has. In addition, it is bigger than you might think.

Especially urbanites are at risk to emotionally detach from nature. For many city dwellers, animals only produce dirt, plants cause allergies, and trees are responsible for traffic accidents (or foliage in best case). This is sad. Reflect your own thinking. If you observe these tendencies, you want to retravel this country.

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