We at ExperienceZone want to know the specifics. 
What is personality? It is the sum of your unique mental attributes. Good. What are personal attributes? They are your mental and emotional tendencies as well as how you perceive and evaluate yourself and the world around you. Based on my dynamic statement, you might recognize that personality is a flexible construct – like all other psychological concepts, such as belief systems, attitudes, and behavior. Your personality changes with life experience. You can passively observe or actively steer this process. We strive for the latter. 

Clarity about who you are and want to be is a fundamental basis of self-development. 
If sharpens your ability to reflect and change your attitudes. It helps you to find your mission and define your aims in life. Whilst you have been motivated away-from (suffering), you will be motivated to-wards (goals) in the future. In addition, this transparency has a significant impact on your self-concept and self-esteem. These basic insights will help you successfully travel other countries on the continent self-development. It is known as the core continent in ExperienceZone. Why? Well, every step on your personal development ladder will make your trips across other continents more successful too.

Reflection of the Past: Where do you come from?
Your life to-date formed your current personality. Moreover, there with what you are and have. Hence looking back over your shoulder pays off. Sit down and reflect your past.

I recommend you to go continent-by-continent and decade by decade. What have you done in each area thus far? What happened? Focus on key events and successes. Write them down as bullets.

Now document the impact on you as a person. Which kind of effect did these events have on your life? In dealing with yourself and others. Your hopes and fears. Your belief system.

Self Description: Next, describe yourself!
Carefully review your Life Profile. First, you understand that your current perspective on yourself and the world is primarily a result of your experiences and reactions on those (see attitudes). You have painted this picture over a long period. Only you can change it (see self-determination). You will not need years. Only a plan, the right tools and a strong will.

Who are you? Can you tell me in 2-3 sentences? Only a very few people can do this. Yet this does not leave you off the hook. Learn to describe yourself. In addition to your past and your future (see above). Example: I am a diligent man who knows where he is coming from, where he is and is going to. Yet I am seeking harmony and want to learn to say “no” more lightly, let go and delegate tasks. Now it is your turn! Form some core statements based on your Life Profile. Combine past and future to present. Viola: Here is your Self-Description.
Development Goals
Who do you want to be? Based on your self-description, you can now define your mission and derive your aims in life from your Life Profile.


Loose Ends
“Reflecting my past? Where should I start? What is important and what is not?” If you ask yourself those questions, you are already showing symptoms of excessive demand. It is all good. ExperienceZone often asked you to write down ideas. Do not think in categories, like right or wrong. Just list everything, which comes into your mind.

Complexity Trap
Many people have difficulties to analyze data and extract relevant information. Therefore, they give up when being asked to distill 500 words to 2-3 crisp sentences. Learn this skill. It is critical for writing mantras for instance. In order to reduce complexity, you want to drop redundancies, cluster key points, prioritize them, and cross out unimportant ones.

Transfer Risks
How do you build the bridge between past, present and future? If you want to use the personality analysis as a building block for the life of your dreams, your mission and aims in life represent this very bridge. First, you want to take time to document those. Reason being, you will align your entire life to them. Furthermore, you will keep those attributes, which support your plans or make you feel more contented and drop the ones, which do not.

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