Each one of us is on planet earth for a certain reason.
Surely, there are collective tasks for humanity, such as caring about the earth, learning to control thoughts, and simply living a fulfilled life. In addition, there is a specific raison d'être why you have been born into this world, society and body. Do you want to use the few decades of your lifetime most effectively? Do you strive to be happy and satisfied? Do you plan to look back on your deathbed and fall asleep knowing that you have done everything right? If the answers are yes, take some time to understand your own mission. Then you can fulfill it with passion and dedication.

Define your mission instead of searching for it.
My mission is to use my energy and enthusiasm to inspire as well as support others to unfold their own talents in a meaningful and harmonic way. This is the reason why we founded ExperienceZone. I help you and many others to live a successful, contented, and balanced life. Only once you know why you are here, you can define what success, contentment and balance means to you: Generally, it is to fulfill your mission. Afterwards everything else will fall into place naturally. You

Travel the countries personality analysis and self-determination prior to defining your mission. Why? Former enables you to understand where you are coming from and who you are now. These insights will provide you starting points and stability. Self-determination represents the imperative to determine and pursue your mission. What are you waiting for? Back again? Good. Let us continue.

Your mission consists of three elements. You as a person, your immediate environment, and the world. As inside – so outside. As outside – so insight. As in great – so in small. Everything is connected. We start with you and move in concentric circles.
Person: Let us look into you first. What is your individual contribution? Here is a common assumption: All things you like to do are in line with your mission. These are your passions. They are the basis of your strengths. Latter form the core of your mission. You use them to get and successfully perform in your dream job. Your profession. Hence, travel the country career choice now. Complete your Dream Job Profile and get to know your passions and strengths. It helps you to describe them more precisely and comprehensively. Next select two key strengths (e.g. energy and enthusiasm).
Environment: Let us look at your environment. This can be about creatures or things. Just capture the positive impact of your key strengths on your immediate surroundings. Practically, you transform the two strength nouns into contribution verbs to outline the way of your contribution.
World: Finally, we helicopter up. Why? Only if you think big, you can achieve big things. Humbleness is a wonderful attribute. Yet it is misplaced if you strive to improve the world. Feel free to play the creator. We press the reset button: You can start from square one. How would the ideal world look like? Crisp and clear.
Follow-up Activities
What do you do after marrying the components?
Internalization: After polishing your mission in terms of grammar and wording, capture it in the Mission Template. Print it and place it at prominent places in your private living area. Always carry it with you in a small format. Record your mission. Play it daily. Read it aloud daily. Let your early morning and late night thoughts circle around it. Use it as a mantra for meditation. Align your sub-consciousness to it via your attitude. Become your mission. Your purpose to be on this planet.
Aims in Life: The mission is reason and resolution alike. A nature and nurture thing. The most foundational aim in life. Is sets the rough course. Your path. You want to define all other aims in life based on it – per continent and with specific due dates. They represent the surface and curbs of your path. It is necessary to determine your path of life, which is your mission. Yet you will only go it firmly and successfully, i.e. fulfill your mission if it becomes more tangible. This is the purpose of your aims in life. They are aligned and contribute to your mission.


Lack of Preparation
Many people underestimate the relevance of proper preparation. It is one of your most important life tasks to define your purpose of existence. Therefore, invest an appropriate amount of time and energy into planning.

A Miss
Is as good as a mile. Similar to the preparation, ensure thoroughness in the definition process of your mission. Look and listen into yourself. Select your key strengths carefully. Ensure consistency to your contribution verbs. Outline your view of an ideal world. Combine all three parts in a meaningful way.

Did you define your own mission? Good. Yet unfortunately gathers dust on our server and your drawer. This is sad. It is not worth the paper it is printed on. Words without actions are like goals without plans. Build a bridge between your knowledge and the fulfillment of your mission.

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