An ideal meal frequency is critical for peak performance.
Too short or too long breaks between meals as well as fast and irregular eating are unhealthy. Hence, you want to find your own rhythm. Many parameters like food quality, outside temperature and increased physical and mental demands play important roles.

Therefore, regular fasting and dinner cancelling are always healthy for you.
There are many guidelines in this space. Often the recommendations contradict each other. Hence, you want to read my advices, try some, and listen to yourself in order to find your own frequency of engine strokes and length of fuel supply. Both components are essential to ensure long lasting and properly functioning machinery. For your body: Good digestive functions into old age. This way, you will secure achievement potential, a healthy, young, and sexy body, as well as high life expectancy. In addition to the length, the quality is central. It too will be improved as you will become less susceptible to diseases and will go with energy through each day. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the trip into this indispensable country!

The term mealtime has two meanings and components.
On the one hand, it is the times of day you are having your meals. On the other hand, it is the time you need to eat a meal. Let us take a closer look at both elements.
Time of Day: In general, you want to strive for many small meals instead of a few large ones. Reason being, your body finds it harder to digest the required daily food quantity in some big portions rather than little ones. It is simply being overburdened. Around 3-5 meals per day has been proven as ideal for most people. Usually a day consists of 24 hours. Try to sleep 8-9 hours. Hence 15 hours remain, which you divide by 5 meals for instance. Tada: Eat every 3 hours a meal.
Duration: Next to the times of day, the time you take for a meal is crucial. Mealtime means you want to dedicate time for each meal. There is an optimum between horking it down and meditating over it until it is cold. Besides, I anyway recommend you not to heat meals over 45 degree Celsius. Otherwise nutrients escape and you are left eating dead food.
As you might have recognized during your trips to drinking and food quantity, they all contribute to the food pyramid.
Equally, your journey through this country represents a deep dive. You will actually hear of other countries with fingerboards pointing towards the pyramid. The trip through this country is primarily a self-reflection around meal day times and durations.
In this context, you want to document in the Mealtime Template when you are usually having meals and how long they take. If yesterday was representable, just recap it. Otherwise, you take the day before. Many people can barely remember at which times they had meals last Wednesday and how much time they have spent on them. If you cannot remember your intake on the last two days, do not invest time and energy to think back one week.
The right hand side already provides you a blueprint for the ideal day times and durations. After you have captured the current state (incl. wake-up and bed time), you want to come up with a target state. How do you do this?
Well, first you check how much meals you eat per day. In general, you need to strive for fix times and allow your body three to five hours to digest. This means: Several small meals that are scheduled in a three to five hour rhythm. In addition, strive to have breakfast earliest half an hour after getting up and dinner not later than three hours before going to bed.
Extend the meal duration by extending the chewing times. Try to chew more intentionally.
Outline the way towards the target state in form of improvement actions (including dates), complete them, receive points, and be happy. Of course, about the increase of energy and lust for life instead of the points. You will feel the real life advantages very soon. Just try it!
Finally yet importantly, you need to… correct: Hang in there!
Pay attention to food day times plus durations and document new ambitions as well as necessary improvement actions at least on an annual basis. The way is the reward. In addition, it makes fun to walk it!


Tourist traps are lurking everywhere. This one in more than one country. We all eat too fast. I do it. You often as well. Our world seems to be spinning faster and faster. You want to keep up. Eating is often considered as unproductive time.
Food Streaming
“If I am not supposed to eat a few large meals, I will just eat continuously. My body will be able to manage this best.” Unfortunately not. Food streaming does not allow your body to digest in portions which is it made for biologically.
Midnight Snacks
Fasting is difficult in the beginning. Occasional dinner cancelling a little bit easier. Hence, early dinners should not be a big deal. Sadly, it is for many people – including myself back then. There are various reasons. They reach from simple eating habits to late quitting times and late night business dinners.

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