Humanity is the most fundamental community you belong to.
Yet what does this mean? You want to find out by yourself. I will inspire you and initiate your thinking. First, you are a human being on planet earth – not as a stone, tree, or ant. Humans are without any doubt a very much-developed species. Our brain is exceptionally complex. For instance, we can remember the past, acknowledge the present, and create the future. All three times are available to us. Actually, they are inseparable in a narrow sense. More information can be found in the country universal laws. In addition, we can learn mountains in an incredibly short timeframe. Even through the experiences of other people. Apparently, we have an inexhaustible arsenal of feelings and ways to express them. Upon demand, we can consciously set ourselves into various moods by changing our attitudes.
What is all of this good for?
How can we contribute as individuals to humanity by leveraging these astonishing capabilities? The very fact that we have those skills – in contrast to other creatures – obliges us to use them in a deliberate and responsible way. ExperienceZone will show you how to use this potential. Hence, ExperienceZone also guides you the way into a future in which all human beings will apply their capabilities in favor of us, all other species, our planet and the whole universe. This is our self-conception – honor and burden alike.

Best case you sit down right after waking up in the morning or before getting to bed at night.
Empty your mind e.g. through a brief meditation, such as the one you can find in the country meditation on the continent self-development. It will help you to focus on the next exercise.
In the next 30min, you want to define your humanity role. The Humanity Template will guide you through the process. The questions within will support you to describe the current and target state. The most effective way is to step in the shoes of an alien, which is observing the blue planet from outer space: What would it think about humanity and how we treat each other, other creatures, and our planet? What is most noticeable? Which obvious strengths and weaknesses do human beings have? Write it all down.
Based on the current state, you – in the shoes of an alien – want to formulate the target state. How does your dream vision of humanity look like – especially around our responsibility? What would be the biggest obstacles on our way? What are the biggest opportunities humankind has to make the dream vision come true? Which resources have to be used, capabilities developed and strengths created to realize the dream vision?
Finally, you extract your dream vision from the target state and capture it in the Dream Vision & Humanity Role Template. Now imagine that you already live in the dream vision. Use all perceptual channels. How does the world look like (visual)? How does it sound (auditive)? How does it feel like (kinesthetic)? Walk through this world in your humanity role, which you will define below. This exercise activates the power of your sub-consciousness, which will take care that
your vision becomes reality. You will find information that is more helpful by travelling the country attitudes. Do this exercise right after waking up and before getting to sleep for five minutes.
By stepping in the shoes of an alien, you almost objectively captured the current and target state of humanity as well as the way to the dream vision.
You will soon experience some confirmation and maybe the motivation to slightly adjust your objectives or even mission.
Here are the steps:
After you have defined the “what”, you now want to describe “how” you can support to bring the alien’s dream vision alive. Me? Yes, you. You have a responsibility to contribute a lot as a human being. Our world needs healers.
Finally, you want to combine all steps as your humanity role in the Dream Vision & Humanity Role Template.
Last but not least: Hang in there. This means completing your actions and filling your humanity role.


There are billions of us. This could cause you to think that you are insignificant and other people in more powerful positions are responsible for changing the world. Your contribution is too small. This is nonsense. You are responsible. Moreover, your actions do make a huge difference.
Many people do not use their full potential since they set no goals or too small ones. This is especially sad if it is about contributing to humanity. Home sweet home? I do not care how the life of your dreams looks like. You need to do what makes you happy – as long as you design and live up to your humanity role. Try to think big though. Invest as much time and energy as possible. Go slow and steady. Everything is possible with a realistic plan and your weapons: Will and discipline.
Procrastination of actions is a huge problem in all areas of life. Dream your life, play it with ExperienceZone, and live it by shifting into active gear. The earlier the better. Ideally today. Now. You have everything what you need to get started.

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