Golf has been an elitist and expensive sport for a long time. 
Reason being, it is quite costly to build and maintain a golf course. Hence, the members needed to pay for it in form of admission and annual fees. Nowadays golf is a popular sport. A wonderful recreation activity.

There is no age limit to this sport.
Since is an outdoor hobby, it is very healthy. You stay in shape and improve your motoric skills. You enjoy good weather and stay in motion. Golf courses are huge. In addition, you train your resilience. This has positive spillovers to other areas of life. Especially for reducing any stress in career & finance. In addition, the social component is to be mentioned: You can frequently play with different partners in form of flights. Furthermore, other members will cross your way. You can extent your professional network easily and maybe even make friends.


Before you jump into the adventure golf, here are some recommendations.
Decision: Where do you want to play? What do you need?
Membership: If you are unsure about golf, join a trail lesson. Many clubs offer it for a few bucks. Once your wish manifested, you might need to get a golf license in some countries. After you obtained any formal qualification, it is about your membership.
Equipment: Have you already bought golf equipment in course of your license? Most important is that your clubs have the right length and grip. If you are hesitant, borrow some and rehearse a bit. Hence, go to professional advice at a specialized dealer.
Preparation: What do you need to consider immediately before playing golf?
Booking: The Green fee allows you to play on a specific golf course. Additional prerequisites can a license or handicap. The membership fee often replaces the Green fee if you want to play on your home course. Regardless, book a start time well in advance if you want to go around and the golf club requires it.
Warm-up: Before you go around warm up properly. Start with small swing movements and make them wider. Move every muscle – from the legs to your neck. Especially latter can cause a painful muscle ache if you do not loosening it every third to fifth stroke.
Golf Play: How do you play golf most effectively?
Strokes: Golf is about your mental and physical skills alike. Internalize your own routines. They ensure that you relax and focus on the stroke. First, decide where you want to play the ball. Often the direct way to the hole is not necessarily the best one. Then align your stance respectively. Next is the posture. Stay relaxed. Make a practice stroke first. Inhale and exhale. Swing calmly without power. Use visualization to hit the ball mentally before you do it physically. Then put the club behind the ball. Again: Breathe in and out slowly. Just focus on the ball. Empty your mind. Strike out gently and swing through. Only now, you look ahead.
Competitions: Golf is a competitive sport. Tournaments help you to decrease your handicap. Practice frequently. Take every chance to gain competition experience.
Wrap-up: What do you do straight after the course?
Clubhouse: After a round or tournament, spend some time with the other players in the clubhouse. Plan at least half an hour for it. Drink together and establish relationships. The social component plays a key role in golf. Consider it a call for active relationship management – especially professional networking.
Handicap: You play golf exclusively against yourself. Document the amount of strokes during or after each round. Also, check the implications on your handicap. Despite all fun, decrease your handicap slowly but surely. Set annual goals for this purpose. Play as much tournaments as possible. Gain experiences and move systematically towards your goals. In order to capture your game and results, consider computer programs or smartphone applications.
Enough homage paid to golf. Now it is your turn!
Do you already play golf? If yes, document your current state in the Golf Template.
What is your target state?
What are the specific actions to accomplish your goals? Define them and attach completion dates.
Lastly, hang in there.
Complete all improvement actions in the predefined periods. Check and update your Golf Template on an annual basis. Golf is like a marathon. You will take many small steps. Hence, it is important to document your growth and enjoy the way. The journey is the reward in golf.


Just a few years ago, I have seen golf as a hobby for old men. A snobbish pseudo-action sport. Then I tried it. One of the best decisions for a long time! Many of my current golf partners feel the same way

Fair-weather Game
Many people play golf from Eastern until October. Then they conserve their equipment and wait for spring to emerge again. Of course, golf is an outdoor activity and with good weather, it makes most fun. Latter you will lose quickly unfortunately. At the latest if you performance stagnates.

False Postures
“Why should I take lessons? I have passed my license. Now I just want to play.” After the duty, the fun part begins. After obtaining your license, you jump on the fairway. You play tournaments and improve your game. Strangely, your performance will plateau at some point. Even though you play a lot, the single digit handicap stays out of reach. To further improve, you need a corrective.

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