I admit it: Going out is a broad term.
This motherland represents all recreation activities you do outside home. Let us exclude Traveling, Sports and other regular hobbies. I can think about social and cultural events, such as museum, theater, cinema, concert, bar or nightclub visits. Surely, tons of other activities come in your mind.

Whatever it is: Going out is an integral part of your social life.
Hence, this country has vital relationships with its pendants on the continents community & environment and family & friends. Going out helps you to establish and foster relationships.

Furthermore, many activities in this area support you in your self-development.
Visiting museums or theatres can develop your creative talent for instance. Wild moves on the dance floor help you to let go and open you up for inspirations. Last but not least: This country is in fact rooted in the continent recreation & fun. Enjoying life to the fullest is one of the purposes why we are all on this planet. It is also a driver to master all challenges in life successfully.

I give you some inspirations. Afterwards completely dive into the hedonistic waters.
Types: Which going-out types exist and which ones fit to your life?
Collection: Which going-out type’s do you know about? The first step stretches your imagination. To this end, you want to create a list. If only a few come into your mind, you can recap the last month. How did you spend your weekends? Document all known types in the Going-out List. In the second step, do some research. Feel free to use the internet. What have you not done yet? List those as well.
Selection: Now listen to yourself. The main criterion is the fun factor. You are striving for success in so many areas in your life. This one explicitly serves your contentment and thus balance. Assess the types according to the joy with a positive (+), neutral (o) or negative (-). Now cross out all negatives and park the neutrals. Focus on the things, which make most fun.
Preparation: Now you know what makes most fun. Get started.
Outside World: As within - so without. Your dress has a significant social impact. On you and your environment. First, visit the country clothes.
Inside World: On top of external factors, align your mindset on going out. If you want to crush a nightclub for instance, you can listen to party music or sing your favorite songs upfront.
Going-Out: Now it is on. What do you consider on the road?
Behavior: Equivalent to your clothes, behave appropriately. Switch off your smartphone if you go into a theater. Hit the dance floor in a nightclub. If you go out with others, they are your social anchor.
Focus: If you are in a cinema, focus on the movie. In case you in a restaurant, you emphasis on the food and your dialog partner. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whomever you are with: Give it your full attention. Be in the here and now.
Learning Experiences: What do you do upon your return?
Self-Reflection: Take a few minutes. Before falling asleep after, a night spent dancing or in the subway on the way back home from the theater. What was exceptionally good?Reflection of Others: Also, ask those people who went out with how they liked it. Then listen carefully. Maybe they give you indirect hints about how to change your life. If not and you already have a trustful relationship (see relationship management), you can ask them directly.
Now it is your turn!
First, capture your current situation. Why do you go out? Where do you go with whom? Use the Going-out Template to support your reflection process.
In the second step, outline your target state. How does your ideal going out behavior look like?
Finally, define improvement actions. What can you do better by when?
Hang in there!
Complete all actions in the defined timeframes. Check and update your Going-out Template on an annual basis. See and use going-out as a colorful bouquet of vitality!


Some people live their life as if they got a second one in their trunk. They wait for the perfect moments, which will never come. These people exclusively strive for success. This is a prerequisite for happiness and satisfaction. Yet striving for and celebrating success have to be always in balance.

We are social beings. Wrappers are everywhere. I have only tried to satisfy others for a long time. Sometimes it makes you believe that you like things, which are actually not good for you.

Missed Learning Opportunities
“Why should I reflect after I went out? I have enjoyed it. This must be enough.” Great that you found stuff you like. How about even more fun? Alternatively, finding new things that your love and support your aims in life? Reflection helps you to identify those. Leverage it to bring back good feelings and make nice activities beautiful ones.

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