Good friends are important.
They are an integral part of your social network – a natural counterpart to your family. Friends help each other in every situation. They know you very well. They are there for you. Listen to you. Consult and support you.

Friendships are usually not based on dependencies but deliberateness.
Hence, the following applies: The better you treat a friend, the larger the social advantages for you. Those can have a significant impact on your mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Friendships are a special form of human relationships. They appear when two persons meet and click with each other. Since generally neither familiar, emotional, physical, nor financial commitments exist, you want to choose your friends consciously and invest relationship capital accordingly. Let us take a closer look at these steps:
Selection of Friends
Best case, friendships last for a long time. This is a key differentiator to many other relationships, such as those to neighbors, working colleagues or sports friends. Hence, you need to acid test your current friends first and then decide whom you want to continue to be friends with.
Sit down for an hour at a quiet place. First, review your Relationship List. If this term is new to you, visit the country social network. Complete the respective quest and therewith the Relationship List. Next scan through your friends, prioritize your friendships and make a selection.

Please visit the country aims in life on the continent self-development to define your goals.

Afterwards you can open the List of Friends. It complements the Relationship List with specific support activities to help your friends accomplish their aims in life and vice versa. Just copy-paste the names and goals of your friends from the revised Relationship List to the List of Friends.

Once you gained clarity, intensify friendships with supporting individuals and end relationships with those who will neither help you to achieve your aims in life nor make you feel happy. Below you will find tools to strengthen your friendships with the first group. For the warm bodies on your list, I recommend you to have an open and honest closing conversation.
In addition, you might find some folks on your Relationship List or derived List of Friends which are not part of your circle of friends thus far but whom you want to have relationships with, since they can support your in achieving your aims of life or becoming more contented.
How do you do that? Super simple: You will meet your desired friends and tell them about your projects. By the way: I use this term or another one more often than “aims in life” when I am talking to people. Reason being that for many folks “aims in life” still has a non-tangible esoteric touch unfortunately. Some of them (esp. ExperienceZone travel mates) will like you and the usage of the term “aims in life” since they (want to) define those themselves. Then you tell them why you admire them (e.g. experiences, capabilities, behavioral styles, and relationships) and how your think they can help you. Also, outline what is in for them (note that relationships are always about giving and receiving). Finally, ask them if they can imagine spending time with you going forward.
As soon as you have established a relationship, use the tools below to transform it into a friendship.
Friendship Management
Now it is time to lift your relationships to the next level – to the friends, which are supportive of your aims in life or make you feel contented. Virtually friendship 2.0.
I want you to invest in credibility, reliability and intimacy big time and – especially when interacting with new friends – try to show no self-interest (except for the above mentioned verbal friend request). How do you do this? Simple as cake:
Credibility: Tell always the truth, yet do not tell the truth always. Make it a habit to be truthful to your friends. Especially if they ask you for it explicitly.
Reliability: Also a cardinal virtue without any doubt. Reliability means that you are walking your talk. I you promise to help a friend moving tomorrow from 8am to 8pm, you will be at her flat latest at 8am, work off your bones, and leave at 8pm earliest. Period. No late arrival. No soft support. No early departure.
Intimacy: Intimacy describes the closeness between two humans, which is an essential component of friendships. Friends are often partners in crime, whom you can share anything with (e.g. trouble with your parents, partner, children, working colleagues or a disease). Intimacy is a mutual social contract. You have to learn to provide and ask for it more often. How do you provide intimacy? Firstly, you want to listen emphatically. Secondly, you want to advice and support wherever necessary. Thirdly, you have to ensure confidentiality.


Inflation of Friends
If you grow with ExperienceZone's support, you will naturally attract more friends. Be selective. Strive for few but real friendships instead of many casual acquaintances.
Fake Friends
Invest time to define your aims in life and select friends based upon it. If people who are not supporting your goals and your contentment surround you, your personal growth will be slowed down and accomplishments might even be jeopardizes.
Solo Tour
Life is too beautiful to manage its challenges only by yourself. Go and look for fellows. Ask for their support. Accept their help. I am sure you will find some interesting people at ExperienceZone.

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