First, you are born into a family of origin.
Not the one of mammalians or humans. I mean your parents. You may furthermore have siblings and grandparents. Every one of us has parents though. They are the biological precondition for our cheer existences. They have created us. Their act of creation is the prerequisite for your birth. If you read these lines, you are still alive. An important reason for that is the parental care during your first years on this planet. They took responsibility for you. Your needs were more important to them than their own ones. Hence, you want to thank them.

Secondly, you might have founded a family.
It consists of your partner and maybe children. Whether you are married or not: If both of you decided to spend your life together, this very promise creates an invisible relationship string between you. It can have a similar strength than the ones to your parents or siblings yet always have a different quality.

Your family might be the center of your social life.
Relationships to its members do not need to be established. They already exist. Here it is about maintenance – with premium fertilizer, much awareness, patience, and leniency. Let us look at those in detail.
Awareness: Whether family of origin or creation – you are “familiar” with the members. On the one hand, there is no need to search for reasons. You just know that your brother often behaves bullish and thus clashed with his hierarchy driven boss sometimes. You can draw this behavior into the function already. Hence, you might want to give him tips about how he can control his temper and initiate a clarifying discussion. On the other hand, it bears the risk of blindsighteness just because you know your family members for so long.
Patience: Patience is an important attribute – especially in human relationships. “You have done this as a child already.” „ I have told you so many times“. Already, before, still, often... Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. We all make mistakes – some even more than once. We all learn from them – yet in our own pace.
Leniency: Relationship strings to family members are not only strong but also sensitive. Everything, which happens on the other end, has an impact on you. Vibrations last for many years. Common destiny is a deterministic and static term. Yet I must say: You should not ignore the positive and negative impact of their behaviors upon your life. They are valuable signals, which reflect the health of your relationships. Take them seriously. However, ensure that they do not influence your self-contentment.
Premium Fertilizer: What is that? Yes! Relationship fertilizer exists. Here its two ingredients:
Frequency and length of the interaction: Try to speak more often and longer with your family members than with other people.
Frequency and size of favors: Do more often-larger favors to family members than to others. Yet not too fast too much. Why? Well, as you might have realized, we are talking about favors that you do to others. You cannot expect an even increase in favors of your family members in return. This is purely up to the other person. If you increase your effort too fast and too much, the other, person might feel bad conscious and the relationship suffers. Be tactful and wait until both of you find a new balance after you have slightly increased your efforts. Then you can take the next step.
Got it? Good. Let us take a look at the key steps to foster relationships with family members:
First off, take some time to visit the country social network. Enjoy the points of interests, study the itinerary, and complete all quests. Afterwards, you come back. Why? Travelling this country is only possible via the neighboring country, as you have experienced. Yet you can come here by only completing the first three quests in social network. They give you clarity about your circle of trust. It usually contains your family of origin and creation. Best case you complete all other quests as well beforehand since the next steps require not only basic knowledge but also deep experience in networking. They take it to a new level and are aligned to the specific needs of your family.
In your family, it is all about fostering relationships. Hence, you want to fertilize diligently.
First, increase the frequency and lengths of your conversations with family members. Do this slowly but noticeable. Especially in those relationships which require more maintenance. Those are usually the ones, which experienced recent imbalances. Particularly if those caused conflicts, you now need to intensify interactions. Give them a call. Drive by. Ask your father or your mother how they are doing. Stay in passive gear. Listen. Take appropriately part in their lives.
After some conversations as a listener, you now want to become more active. Slowly start to share your experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Look for a balance between speaking and listening. Start to consult the other person. Give recommendations. Offer your support. Commit yourself. Keep your promises. Do this more often specific to the relationship and situation. Take more responsibility. Acknowledge their reactions. Adjust the frequency and size of favors respectively.
This process it is all about practicing awareness actively. How do you do this systemically? There are two components:
Firstly, via your Relationship List in the country social network. Assuming you have completed quests 3 to 5, you now have a current Relationship List. This gives you a good overview of the behavioral styles and aims in life of your family members. You want to add any important individuals as necessary.
Secondly, practice awareness by observing. If you speak with family members, observe what they are saying. Many of us do not listen to the last sentence of the other person anymore since we are already thinking about our own response. Since latter depends on the point the other person is making, you want to listen carefully until the very last word spoken.
Here comes patience. It is one of the most important attributes. I am working for many years to improve it. Patience is particularly crucial in relationships. Do you expect patience from other people? Great! First, you can work on it yourself in an ExperienceZone fashion.
Leniency is the big sister of patience. Whilst patience describes your ability to wait for future things to happen, leniency embraces the past. This prevents you from influencing and enables you to practice forgiveness. Actually, this is the active part. Training your ability to forgive makes you ready for anything, which might happen in the future.


People have different priorities. This is totally fine. To some of them family plays a minor role. Maybe they had conflicts with their parents for instance. Hence, they break the tie. They do not attend yearly birthday parties anymore and thus do not see other family members as well.
Relationship Knots
“My biological mother has put me up for adoption when I was a baby.”, “My father has left my mother after my birth.”, “My parents have beaten me when I was a child. I can never forget them.” You certainly know yourself best. In addition, you can evaluate your experiences like no one else. Just consider this: You can always forgive. The question is if you want to.
Excessive Demands
Untying relationship knots often free up a lot of energy. It is generally a great idea to invest this energy in order improve the relationship. Please be careful though: ExperienceZone provides you tools that cause a very fast change in attitudes and behaviors. Other people who do not have access to these tools may take longer.

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