Water is vital to all creatures. 
Without drinking, you would die because of an intoxication or heart-circulatory system disease just in a few days. A sufficient liquid intake enables you to optimize your physical and mental performance. Let me pick you up at 50,000 feet: Health is the prerequisite of a successful and contented life.
Nutrition has the biggest impact on your health.
Drinking is the foundation of your diet. Do you now understand its importance? If you further want to look younger and better, you have to drink enough. Otherwise, your face will be a dry fruit soon. I do not want to motivate you away-from though but to-wards a conscious usage of the liquid element. As soon as you know when, to drink how much of what, you have taken a huge step towards a balanced life. Hence, travel this country extensively. Believe me. It is worth it. ExperienceZone will support you.

First, reflect your current drinking patterns.
The Beverage Template will help you to get your head around this. It contains the three categories: Choice of drinks, amount of liquid, and time of day. Just take ten minutes and recall the last week.
Choice of Drinks: What do you drink throughout the day? Which one is your basic beverage (e.g. coffee and fruit juice)? How do you find with your current choice of drinks?
Amount of Liquid: How many liters have you drunken per day in the last week? Do you drink too less or too much?
Time of Day: At which time of day do you drink most frequently? What do you drink at which time of day? What do you notice doing that?
The second step is about defining your target state (e.g. drink tea instead of coffee).
I will give you some suggestions. Just read them and think about what you want to apply. Let us get started!
Choice of Drinks: What kind of beverage do you want to drink most time during the day? Your basic beverage. The one, which covers the largest part of your daily need. Here I recommend you to choose high-quality still water.
Amount of Liquid: Always drink as much that you do not ever get thirsty and your urine stays white. This way, your body excretes toxins via your kidneys and slows down the ageing process. In numbers: At least two to four liters daily. Three times S: Summer, sauna, and sports days double the fluid intake needs.
Time of Day: What is the best time? As often as possible. First off, half a liter of still water straight after waking up on the morning. Your body urgently needs to balance the nightly fluid loss. If you enrich it with fresh citrus fruit juice, you support your kidneys and liver in detoxifying your body at the same time. Two birds with one stone: Your reward it rejuvenation and beauty.
Now it is up to you: Improve your drinking patterns! Document every action as precisely as possible in the Beverage Template. Also, attach a planned due date to it (e.g. replace coffee with green tea by calendar week 21).


Tell me what you drink
And I tell you who you are. Many people have poor diets. It already starts with their drinking patterns. Too much coffee, sugared and alcoholic drinks.
From dehydration to hydration
„I do drink regularly. Well, some cups of coffee in the morning and a couple of beers in the evening should be permitted.” Everything, which makes fun and does not harm anyone, is permitted. Yet please note: If you consume too few hydrating beverages, you will harm yourself.
Routines and conflicts
Your current drinking patterns have cemented over many years. Hence, you want to take one improvement action after the other. Do not worry if you fall back into old habits. Watch your inner state!

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I learned that drinking 3-5 litres per day is ideal for me. Yet not too late in the evening... 1

August 18, 2015 08:57:50, Johann Zillmann