Children are our future.
This might apply on your society and economic system. Yet are there more motives to get children than the perceived responsibility to reproduce yourself for the sake of humanity, your country, or your family? If and which priority you place on children is a function of your expectations in life. Reasons for offspring start with the wish to spread your genes, to the need to care for another person, to the desire to have company when you are old or even financial security. In any case, children can increase your lust for life. Mother Nature has wired it this way. According to her, your main purpose it to reproduce yourself. Our planet is already overpopulated though.

Humankind will not disappear because of too low birth rates.
This might only apply to several countries in the developed world. If your nation has a birth rate of below 2.0, feel free to counteract this trend. This is a dignified effort for your country of origin. However, I hope you have further reasons. Since children cause responsibility – not only from a time but also a financial perspective. You want to take responsibility for yourself first before you do this for other human beings. ExperienceZone leads you through this process. In addition, much more. Especially the continent self-development supports you on that way. If your overall situation allows it, you want to embark into the adventure called offspring. It is an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

Desire to have children
You do not have children and question if they would fit into your life? I can support you to make this decision. At least on a rational level. You want to draw the emotional and spiritual requirements into the equation. Hence the following considerations can only be necessary – but by no means sufficient – indications for your decision. Going forward you might find the offspring decision guide helpful. Here the three areas which you want to check upfront:

Personality: How old are you? What have your experienced and accomplished in your life thus far? What is your maturity on a scale from 1-10? How would you and others see you? Your personal maturity and mental stability play a key role. Only if you have gained various experiences yourself, you want to consider children.

Relationship: Are you currently in a relationship? How long does it already last? How would you rate your relationship on a 1-10 scale? In addition, how would your partner rate it? The quality of your relationship is a key hygiene factor for considering children. Therefore, I recommend you to travel the neighbor country partner.

Finance: How much is your saving ratio? Does your cash flow allow you to support another human being? How secure would you rate your job from 1-10? Does your partner work as well? What is the value of your financial and fixed assets? Monetary aspects are important for your decision.

Finally yet importantly is the Offspring Decision Guide your compass: Apply a factor 2.0 to the personal, a factor 1.5 to the family and a factor 1.0 to the financial situation. This weighted approach reflects the different priorities of these areas in this particular decision. In the end, you just sum up all the points.

You already have children, which are not yet grown up. Hence, you are responsible for their education. I will keep this to a brief overview and general tips. You will find a more comprehensive approach as well as specific guidance in the country children. Let us simply use this starting country to look at the needs of children in different age groups. This way, you will be able to support them most effectively

Age 0-3: In the first three years after their birth, children start to see themselves separated from the world around them. At the same time, they are strongly reliant of the parental care. You want to make sure your baby gets breast milk. This is the best way to build their immune system. To improve the breast milk’s quality, you need to get rid of all environmental pollutant.

Age 4-12: In this phase, your child will need mental and physical challenges in addition to it good food. You now want to focus on whole food and teach your child to prepare it. First and foremost loss of fruit & vegetables. On the social level, your child requires frequent contact with contemporaries. This needs to go beyond kindergarten and school.

Age 13-18: Your child is in its puberty now. In this phase, it builds up on its physical, mental, and social foundation. Often this happens through specialization in sports, creativity, and intellect. Hence, you want to run first strength analyses with your offspring to set the course for adulthood.

Child Relationship
Your children have grown up and you want to have a good relationship to them? First, you want to embrace: You do not play an educational role any more. You do not have any responsibility any longer. Your children are not dependent on you anymore. In addition, they do not owe you anything for the time and energy (incl. money as manifested energy) you have invested.

Blindfold Decision
Desires to have children can be impacted by the female biological clock and lead to rush decisions. Take your time to analyze the situation and prepare a decision. Consult other people if you need outside-in views. The decision needs to be taken and represented by you and your partner only.
The way of good parenting is paved with many obstacles and pit falls. You want to get to know the individual needs of your offspring. Here ExperienceZone will help you with the generic advices above as well as specific tools to be found in the country children.
Relationships to grown up children often carry long tails of wrong education. You want to be aware of the fact that your child has been dependent on you for many years. This dependency needs to be transformed with skill and tact into friendship. Your child determines the pace.

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