If one purpose of life is to be happy and our economy requires that you spend the majority of your lifetime at work,
you may want to smartly combine satisfaction and profession. Nothing is sadder than people going to work just for the money. They torture themselves through life. Take it easy.
The right career choice ensures that you use your time on earth.
It fulfills you and makes you feel better. You will lope through life. You are for a reason on this planet. Find your mission. Use your earthly existence to live your passions. It is never too late. The time and courage you invest in your career choice will pay off thousand fold in form of happiness. This is the currency of a country, which is strategically very essential your life’s journey.

Print out the Dream Job Profile and pack a pencil.
The template is split into three parts: Your passions, your strengths, and your dream job profiles. Please note: The more open and honest you are to yourself, the larger the value you will draw from this exercise!
Start with you passions.
Just list all nouns and adjectives that come into your mind when answering the following three questions. There is no right or wrong answer. This is a brainstorming exercise, i.e. you can write down what comes to your mind – immediately or after thinking. Spend 15-30 minutes on this task. In inverse, you will find my results as a reference.
What makes your happy? What are you most passionate about?
What are the things you cannot stop? What can money not buy?
Which activities make you forget time?
You will easily be able to list three activities per questions.
If not, just continue thinking about it. Do you find overlaps or redundancies? No problem: You are on the right track! They will enable you to determine patterns to recognize potential dream jobs.
Now we will focus on your strengths.
Here include your on perspective and consider reflections of others. Start with yourself:
What can you do exceptionally well?
Which actions led to you biggest successes?
Which attributes make other people envy you?
If you have thoroughly answered the questions about your passions and strengths, something will pop in your eyes:
Your strengths seem to naturally derive from your passions. For instance: I love to communicate (=passion). This leads to a couple of personal strengths, like express, listen, mediate, motivate, inspire, and support. Now, let us finish off this exercise with your dream job profiles:
First, group similar passions and strengths. Which groups do you identify and which names would you give them?
Next, you want to brainstorm known and unknown job profiles, which reflect these groups and their components. Which job descriptions usually contain the names of the groups or passions and strengths within?
Now look at the list of potential dream jobs. You should have identified at least ten jobs. Which three to five jobs combine your passions best? Can you furthermore combine some of those?
Kudos to you!
You have created a shortlist of your individual dream jobs! For various reasons (or more precise: Excuses), most people never do this in their entire life. Hence, you now belong to the elite. You know what you want; you set your own goals and do everything to accomplish them. Let’s deal with latter now.
Do some market research, i.e. search your dream jobs in the internet; find out how you can get such a job and how you can master it once you are in. What are the formal requirements and qualifications? How (i.e. freelancing and/or employed) and where can you do these jobs? Who is successful in the jobs and why?

After research comes action. Work out an action plan. It will – based on your brainstorming results – contain all necessary activities and milestones in a chronological to help you getting and mastering your dream job.

Mental Block
A white piece of paper is simply beautiful. For many people, it is so beautiful that they block themselves from writing anything on it. Do not worry if you do not know where to start or have any clue about your passions and strengths. First off, you can take my examples as a reference: Do you have similar interests? Probably additions or opposites come into your mind if you read other people’s areas of interest. In case you have visited the country qualification, leverage the answers of the learning questionnaires to identify your passions and strengths. Also, talk to your family and friends to gather outside input. Finally, ask your ExperienceZone fellows to learn how they have mastered this exercise.
Transfer Gap
“How the hell can I come up with dream jobs based on strengths? I just cannot think about any professions that reflect my strengths.” In order to identify known jobs, here is an advice: Use external sources. For example, skim over the yellow pages. For every new job, ask yourself what is required to do it and if this plays into your strengths. Additionally, read only job portals. Some of them offer more targeted search functionalities. Lastly, pack your passions and strengths and go to a career counseling office.
External Expectations
In many countries, you will experience that I recommend you to obtain reflections of others. The opinions of people around you are generally very important. However, consulting especially your parents around your passions, strengths, and dream jobs can cause some serious risks: They can air their own expectations instead of unbiased suggestions.

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