If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude.
Maya Angelou hits the nail on the head. You want to change things now. The country Egotism will teach you what to do. What are attitudes? They form your personality and build the foundation of behavioral changes. Inside and outside. How does this happen? In the first step, you cultivate attitudes, which support your mission and aims in life. As soon as you ensure consistency between thoughts and feelings as well as stringency between words and actions, you will discover a great secret: Your thoughts and feelings will become reality. You will be successful and contented alike.

Success comes from succeeding.
Your actions succeed your words, which succeed your thoughts and feelings. You are successful and contented alike. Therefore, define your mission and aims in life soon after visiting this country. Your attitudes should be aligned to them in the future. Always try to have positive attitudes, optimistic expectations regarding specific events and affirmative perceptions as well as memories of past situations.

Mastering this continuum is art of life instead of self-deception.
Confirmatory programming represents a healthy belief system. In other words: If you continuously have negative thoughts and thus feelings, you are fighting your body. You can only loose. Be smart. Learn to reflect the inside and outside world constantly. Take interventions as soon as you identify destructive tendencies. This is a life-task. ExperienceZone provides you the tools to master it.

Attitude Reflection
Take some time at a quiet place. Review the Attitude Template. You recognize that it is aligned to our continents. They serve as the core self-development categories going forward.

In the first step, document all events, which you did not like in the last month. If one month is not sufficient to capture three events by area of life, go back half a year. In case even an annual review is insufficient, you are either already living a very successful, contented and balanced life or you have a very optimistic or humble attitude profile.
Ideally you have already a healthy emotional distance to those events meantime. It enables you to document why you perceived these events negatively. This is usually related with the expected results of these situations, such as hunger, dirt, pain, parental or liquidity problems to stick to the examples above. Please write them down even is those are obvious to you. Awareness is the first step towards change.
Finally note the bright sides of each event. You might now think: “What is he smoking? There are no positives. These were factually negative events.” Stop: Wrongheaded. Just after an event, you apply your perceptional filters. Then you judge before you react. Similarly: You can react differently if you change how you perceive and judge events.
Resolution Formulation
Commit today to yourself to consciously take a step back before you react to events going forward. This allows you to evaluate your choices. On a high level, it is to respond positively or negatively. Negativity has always a bad impact on you and your surroundings. Hence, exclusively respond positively in the future.
Now write down typical situations in which you used to react negatively (e.g. if someone makes fun of you or talks behind your back, if you lose something and cannot find it, if someone breaks promises, if you forget something, if you miss the bus). Also, capture the feelings, which occur in those situations (e.g. anger, hate, disappointment). Leverage the Resolution Template for this exercise.
Next, list the desired positive reactions and the resulting chances (e.g. humor and serenity, lower expectations towards other people, clean up the circle of friends, reading at the bus stop). Whatever it is: Document it.
Create your own Attitude Mantra. Surely, you know the serenity prayer. Feel free to incorporate a typical situation. Most important is that you use your own words. The mantra should be crisp and clear. Also, write it with a positive twist. Mine goes like this: Everything happens for a reason. In addition, I shape it with my thoughts. Hence, I want to use my thoughts to give meaning to all events: It all happens to my advantages.
Now take the chance and some time to put your new attitudes into practice. The following process has proven to be most effective:
Print your Attitude Mantra. Place it on prominent spots in your living area. Also, store it in a smaller format in your purse. Have it always with you. Read the mantra each morning. Commit to yourself to only see the bright side of everything, which happens every day. At least the learning and growth opportunities.
Whilst you walk through life, some things will happen which usually cause a negative reaction. Do not punish yourself if you still engage in it. Your only objective in the beginning is to become aware of those events. You will do this more often and start to pause before reacting. These moments give you the opportunity to consciously field-test your new attitudes. It might feel strange once you start to think about reactions, which were hardwired in a cause-and-effect-chain for many years. This is normal. It just shows you how powerful behavior patterns are. Especially if they exist for a long time.
After three months have a checkpoint with yourself. Did you recognize the documented typical situations in hindsight? Good. Did you take some time to think between the event and your reaction? Super! Did you already replace negative with positive reactions? Awesome! If yes, you do not need to read your mantra on a daily basis anymore. You have now internalized new behaviors. If not, just keep on practicing. The countries empathy (for reactions on people) and self-determination (for reactions on situations) will help you to reach the next level.
Travel countries like acupressure in addition to learn physical techniques. This will support your mind to switch even faster and cultivate constructive attitudes.


“I do not want to become an ignorant reality denier wearing rose-colored glasses!” Many people justify their resistance to destructive reactions with appropriate realism. Others claim to lose their authenticity if they suppress their natural reactions. Even worse: They are afraid of physical or mental dysfunctions resulting from suppressions. If you belong to those people who fear a loss of authenticity, consider the following: If your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are in line, you are authentic.

Limited Impact
The mental brothers of realists believe that events in the outside world happen coincidentally or in a destined way. Both extremes are untrue. The truth lies in the middle on another level: The very fact of your cheer existence makes a difference in the world.

Some people progress fast in reflecting, back-pedaling, and applying new attitudes. This is great. Yet they sometimes stop to read their mantras and consciously walk the process too soon. Falling back into old behavioral patterns. If they additionally lack the will to restart, the overall result is zero. Be aware of that.

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