The term “aim” implies that you know who you are and want to be.
Aims in life are around setting goals for your existence and pursuing them systematically. You will only live a successful, contented, and balanced life if you know where you will be by when. Hence setting goals is a necessary requirement. Aims specify your mission and make it attainable.

They are the stages to the future of your dreams.
Purpose and goals in life are foundational concepts. All efforts in the spiritual, material or ExperienceZone will only bear fruit once you have target clarity. Only then, you have a reference framework for current situations and results of actions. Only then, you can align thoughts, feelings, words, and behaviors to accomplish desired outcomes. Only then, the wonder of your life with all its possibilities will fully unfold.

Your aims in life are part of your personality, your attitude towards life and the natural extension of your mission.
They give you the opportunity to give a direction to your life. They are the lighthouse, which leads to the way towards a better way. How do you set, follow, and accomplish your aims in life? I will show you how.
Preparation: First, travel some places. Especially the countries personality analysis, self-determination, and mission. The personality analysis offers a solid basic understanding of you as a person. Self-determination sets the mental frame you need to take ownership of your goals. Both are deceive to define your mission. Only once you got latter straight, you will be able to set goals easily.
Target Setting: How do you identify your aims in life? Aims always imply a to-wards motivation. Whether you are unsatisfied with your job or want to become a billionaire: In order to change a current situation or create a new one, you primarily need your imagination. Imagine how it should be. Generally, ExperienceZone with all its continents and countries serves as a source of inspiration. Where have you already traveled? What do you not like about your current life? In addition, the life profile can provide good food for thought.
Brainstorming: Sit down for half an hour. List all aims which come into your mind. Those can be small or large resolutions. Short or long term plans. They can be easy or difficult to realize. Whatever it is: Write it down. Do not think: “This is nonsense” or “I will never achieve that”. It is time to think big. What are your true wishes and dreams? How does your life look like when it is perfect? What do you need for it? Are there material things? Which experiences do you want to make? Which places do you want to visit? Which skills to you want to master? Which people do you want to meet?
Specification: Now review your list. The more goals the better. Take another half an hour to specify your targets. Go item by item. Phrase them clearly and compellingly. In addition, you attach a due year to it.
Structuring: Firstly, assign goals to life areas and thus continents. This enables you to leverage ExperienceZone in achieving your objectives. ExperienceZone fulfills its main purpose: To become a universal platform for a structured documentation of your life improvement. In particular, you can run all quests under the umbrella of your aims in life. Define at least two goals per continent. This is important for your balance. More information on your trip to the country life-area-balance.
Target Tracking: As soon as you have defined your goals, you start to track them.
Internalization: Ideally print your aims in life. Read them aloud each morning and evening. By doing that visualize them as precisely as possible. Imagine you have already accomplished them and how this feels. This way you create a cognitive dissonance between the reality and your programmed sub consciousness. Latter will now do everything to make the programming reality. If you are an artsy person, draw your goals in a colorful way. A very powerful method: You focus on your goal, create, and visualize them at the same time. Use this occasion for a side trip to the country visualization.
Execution: Generally, you can and should achieve your goals in a playful way. Primarily with your heart and gut. Use your mind mainly for setting and tracking them. By the way: This is one of the reasons why ExperienceZone is set up as a game. Use effective tools and the power of your will. Go systematically and celebrate interim results. Hence define specific actions or even subordinate targets. This method breaks down your goal into manageable tasks. If you a visual person, create a mind map for each action plan. The country mind mapping will teach you how it works.
Target Achievement: Success is the achievement of targets set. Only if you have goals, you can be successful. You have a resolution (target setting) and the execution succeeds (target achievement). Once you have accomplished a goal, mark it as complete on your list. Afterwards celebrate the success. Reward yourself. Become contented. This is important for your mental health. Only in a balanced relationship between pushing (striving for target achievements) and promoting (rewarding target achievements), your consciousness will be motivated to support you in accomplishing further objectives. By the way: Reward yourself even if you have only attained your goal partially or later than planned. Always bear in mind that without a goal, you would not have achieved anything at all.


Falsifying is easier than verifying. Many people think in restrictions instead of opportunities. Risks instead of chances. Their belief systems are often so limited and stiff that they do have little trust in themselves.

So did you set your targets? Super! Yet the act alone will not bring you one-step closer to achieving them. As soon as you have defined goals, create and execute an action plan.

Many people get lost in action. They sometimes even get fanatic about achieving their goals. They forget to eat, drink, and sleep. They prohibit themselves all pleasures until they completely accomplished their resolutions.

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